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The Highest Possible Quote for Your Note

Welcome to DMO Direct Funding

DMO Direct Funding are buyers of seller held Mortgage Notes, Deeds of Trust/Trust Deeds, Land Contracts, and Contracts for Deeds Nationwide!

We buy individual notes, pools of notes, and even parts of notes (partial purchase). We buy a number of different property types, both residential and commercial.

We offer dependable and efficient pricing, so if you have sold your home or investment property via seller financing/owner carryback and are receiving payments on that note we can cash you out. We will quickly evaluate your cashflow and provide you with the highest possible quote. We consider ourselves experts in our field and want to ensure that you receive the quality service and attention to detail that makes us true professionals.

We can typically close a transaction in 30 days or less, with all customary closing costs paid by DMO Direct Funding. These may include, but are not limited to: credit report, appraisal, and title work.


  • Portfolios/Pools of Notes
  • Portfolios/Pool of REO
  • Individual/Single Notes
  • Performing Notes
  • First Liens
  • Balloon Notes
  • Full or Partial Purchase
  • Mortgages
  • Deed of Trust/Trust Deed
  • Land Contract Contract for Deed


  • Single family Residential
  • Multi-Family Residential
  • Multi-family Commercial
  • Townhouse/Condominium
  • Numerous Commercial Properties

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